Leak Detection in Addison, TX

Discovering a water leak in your home can create a great deal of stress and concern about water damage and the possibility of health risks from toxic mold. The pressure can be even worse when you are unsure how to determine if a leak exists. However, Addison TX residents can rely on the leak detection specialist at Metroplex Leak & Locate to answer this difficult question for them. A single call to (214) 388-4525 will schedule an appointment for same-day or even immediate emergency leak detection by a fully licensed plumber.

Each of our leak detection specialists has extensive training on the operation of the latest leak detection equipment. This equipment eliminates the need to create holes in your foundation to search for the leak and provides the answers that you need much more quickly and efficiently. What used to take days can now be done in hours with limited intrusion into your home and a much more affordable cost to you.

Don’t spend days or even weeks trying to find a leak, worrying about water damage, and allowing toxic mold to grow under your foundation. Call (214) 388-4525 today, and know that a leak detection specialist from Metroplex Leak & Locate will arrive quickly and ready to locate any leaks in your home or under your slab foundation.

The Two Types Of Plumbing Leaks To Be Aware Of

All water leaks are bad, but some are easy to locate and others that are very challenging to find. The easy to identify leaks are the ones that you see and hear around your home. It might be a running toilet, a dripping shower, or even a leak in the hose bib in your backyard. All of these are easy to pinpoint and easy for your Metroplex Leak & Locate plumber to repair.

However, the leaks that a real challenge are the ones that you can’t see or even hear. These hidden leaks might come to your attention when you receive a huge water bill or notice a decrease in the water pressure in your home. In most cases, these leaks are under the slab foundation of your home and will continue to wash away soil and compromise your foundation until they are repaired.

What Is A Slab Leak?

Homes that are built on a concrete slab foundation have some unique piping under that concrete. Before the foundation is poured, the pipes are laid out and stubbed up. Then the concrete is poured over the pipe, with only the stub sticking up into what will soon be the rooms of your home. Once the concrete cures and the walls are framed, the plumbing pipes are continued throughout your home. What is essential to understand is that the pipes are running under and then through the concrete slab. So when the soil expands, and contracts or the slab moves slightly, the plumbing pipes can develop cracks and begin to leak. These leaks in or under your foundation are called slab leaks.

How Do Metroplex Leak & Locate Pros Locate Slab Leaks?

Not too many years ago, slab leaks were found by smashing holes in the foundation to look for the water leaks. Fortunately, modern technology has afforded some tremendous advanced in that process. Now Metroplex Leak & Locate plumbers use pressure tests, line isolation procedures, and sound amplification equipment to pinpoint leaks under the foundation of your home.

The pressure testing and line isolation process will tell us if there is genuinely a leak under your foundation. Then we will pull out the technology to find its exact location. With this equipment, trained pros can hear the sound of a trickle of water escaping through a crack in a water line and running to ground under your home. The key to success with this tool is years of experience and proper training to distinguish the sound of a leak from other natural sounds.

Repairing Slab Leaks

Some slab leaks are easier to fix than others. The leaks that are near the edge of your foundation can be accessed by digging a hole or tunnel under the concrete. The repair is then made and pressure tested before the soil hole is backfilled and compacted back in place.

When it is not possible to dig to the leak, we can often abandon the leaking pipe and reroute a new pipe through your home. The new piping is installed in a crawl space, attic or even inside the walls of your home to resupply full water service. In most cases, this can be done with minimal destruction inside your home.

When it is impossible to dig to reach a pipe or abandon it and install a new pipe, the existing pipe must be repaired. To do this, we need to cut a small hole in your foundation at the location of the leak. After the leak is fixed and pressure tested, we repair the concrete, and your plumbing and foundation are as good as new.

At Metroplex Leak & Locate, our first concern is always for the well-being of our customers. We want to offer you as many repair options as possible. However, we will only provide safe and professional choices to protect you and your family from future leaks and the potential of toxic black mold growth. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and the warranty on our work provide you peace of mind while or affordable prices and repair options help you stay within your budget. Call (214) 388-4525 today and put your worries of a slab leak to rest.