Leak Detection in Sachse, TX

Types Of Plumbing Leaks

The easiest leaks in your home to spot and fix are the one that you can see and hear. These leaks include things like a dripping 

faucet, a running toilet, or a leak in the pipes under your sink or supplying water to your washing machine. You see the water pooling on the floor, and you can see where the leak is coming from. As you might imagine, these leaks are very easy for a licensed plumber to repair.

The more challenging and worrisome leaks are the ones that you don’t see or hear. These are the hidden leaks that could be inside walls, floors, ceilings, or even under the concrete slab foundation of your home. Finding these leaks requires some expensive equipment and specialized training to locate these elusive leaks successfully.

What Is A Slab Leak?

A leak that is located underneath the slab foundation of your home is called a slab leak. These are leaks in the pipes running under the concrete foundation and up into various rooms to supply your water. As the soil and your foundation shift, these pipes can become cracked and form small leaks. Over time, the leaks become more extensive and will wash out the ground under your home.

It can be hard even to suspect that you have a slab leak and even more challenging to locate it because it is buried under your home. When you think that you might have a hidden leak under the slab foundation of your home, it is critical that you call the leak detection specialists at Metroplex Leak & Locate immediately. Time is essential in locating and repairing a slab leak before it causes damage to your foundation and your home.

Locating A Slab Leak

At Metroplex Leak & Locate all of our leak detection specialists are equipped with the latest technology to locate slab leaks quickly and efficiently. Our first step is isolating the pipes under your home to be sure that is where the leak is located. Once we are sure there is a slab leak, we can begin our location process. However, rest assured we will not be coming into your home with sledgehammers and breaking up your foundation to locate the leak. Instead, our licensed plumbers use sound amplification tools to listen for the sound of running water under your home. Our equipment is so advanced that it allows us to hear even a trickle of water through solid concrete.

Repairing A Slab Leak

Finding a leak under your concrete slab is not always the most significant challenge that out plumbers face. The location of the leak can make it very difficult to access and repair. The most manageable leaks to fix are the ones that we discover which are close to the edge of your foundation. Our plumber can tunnel under the concrete foundation and make the repair from underneath your home.

When the leak is too far from the edge of the foundation to access by digging, our second option is to reroute the piping. In this case, we will run a new pipe through the attic or crawl space under your home. This allows us to abandon the leaking pipe and eliminate the potential for any future issues with leaks in that part of your foundation.

If your home has no crawl space and the attic is not an option, then we will access the leak through your foundation. This does require making a small hole in the concrete to reach the leak and make the repair, but it does not diminish the strength of your foundation. Once the pipe is repaired and pressure tested, we will patch the hole in your foundation.

After our plumber has determined the location of the foundation leak, he or she will prepare a written estimate for you. It will detail all of the possible repair solutions and their costs. At that point, you can select the option that will best meet your needs and your budget.

At Metroplex Leak & Locate we know that the thought of a water leak under your home is alarming. We also understand that a significant leak detection and repair bill can be equally disturbing. Our goal is always to offer as many cost-effective solutions as possible while still providing you with professional and high-quality plumbing service. Call (214) 388-4525 as soon as you suspect a plumbing leak to reduce the potential for extensive water damage and costly repair bills.