10 Mar. 19

How To Spot a Garbage Disposal Leak

The garbage disposal is one of the most helpful appliances you can have in your home. This appliance is installed underneath kitchen sinks in homes that have a sewer connection, not a septic tank. The garbage disposal makes it easier to get rid of food debris after cooking and then eating a meal. You shouldn’t throw every piece of food you don’t save down the garbage disposal, as it can become clogged. If you notice that the disposal has stopped working properly, or if you discover a leak, you need to have the appliance repaired as soon as possible by the trusted team from Metroplex Leak & Line Locators in Mesquite, TX.

Multiple Trouble Spots

Finding the source of a leak from a garbage disposal is not an easy task. There are multiple parts of the disposal where the leak could be originating. Before beginning your search, make sure the power to the unit has been turned off. This means that the disposal has been turned off using the switch on the wall near the sink and the breaker switch in the electrical box in your home. Leaving the power on to the unit can cause serious injuries if the disposal were to turn on while you were investigating the source of the leak.

Broken or Cracked Drain Lines

A garbage disposal will have either one or two drain lines attached to it. The main line connected to the disposal will lead to the sewer, which is common for all disposals. The second line is an optional line and if you have the second line it is likely connected to the dishwasher. Either one of these drain line could very well be the cause of the leak from your garbage disposal. Simply look at the pipes to see if they are broken anywhere or if there are cracks present.


If the drain line running from the disposal to the sewer is cracked or broken, you will likely need to have it replaced by a trusted plumber. If the line to the dishwasher is broken, you can likely detach it, cut it, and reattach it to the dishwasher connection. Another common problem with either of these lines is that the bolts could have come loose. If this is the case, simply tighten the bolts to stop the leak.

Damaged Gasket

Another common cause of garbage disposal leaks is that of a damaged gasket. When you look into the disposal you can find a gasket that sits between the blades and the sink. Take a good look at the gasket. Try to figure out if it has been damaged or suffered a crack. If so, this often leads to a leak. The garbage disposal will need to be taken apart to check the status of the gasket, so make sure you rule out all other options when looking for the source of the leak. Once the disposal is apart you can replace the gasket.

Issues with Putty or the Sink Flange

A leak coming from the top of the garbage disposal is often a sign that the sink flange is damaged. The flange is the part that connects the sink to the garbage disposal. There also might be an issue with the putty that is used to seal the connection. Some connections are done using screws instead of putty. The flange might have gone bad, which means it will need to be replaced in order to stop the leak. If the flange is still in good shape, remove the garbage disposal from where it connects to the sink, remove the putty, and install new putty before connecting the disposal to the sink.

Contact an Experienced Plumber Today

Have you discovered a leak underneath your sink? Do you believe that the garbage disposal is leaking? If so, it’s time to contact an experienced plumber to make the necessary repairs. This is not something that should be left alone. A leak from the garbage disposal is a serious problem that can lead to health hazards. All of the food you have been disposing of is now seeping back into your home. This can lead to a buildup of bugs if not taken care of immediately. Call the experienced and trusted team at Metroplex Leak & Line Locators in Mesquite, TX to schedule an appointment for service.