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4 Critical Reasons to Pressure Test Your Drain Line

You may not think about your home’s plumbing as something that needs testing. Rather, the common wisdom is that everything must be okay unless there’s a problem you can see, touch, or smell.

However, plumbing issues often start small, and they may go unnoticed while continuing to grow in severity. Once the problem reaches a point where it’s noticeable, you’re likely facing substantial repairs.

Pressure testing the lines in your Mesquite, TX, home aims to find small problems before they grow into big ones. Consider these four benefits of pressure testing your plumbing, and learn when you should consider doing so.

1. Stop Small Leaks From Becoming a Major Problem

One of the biggest reasons to pressure test your system is to identify and fix small leaks early. There are a variety of causes for leaks in your plumbing. Regardless of the specific cause, they won’t resolve themselves, but will only continue to grow over time.

With both drain lines and supply lines, the water slowly erodes the pipe, further opening the hole. What starts as a pin-prick leak can turn into a major issue.

2. Get Your Home Ready to Sell

The last thing you want while you’re trying to sell your home is an unpleasant surprise about some damage that lowers its value. These days, home buyers commonly seek a pressure test as part of the inspection contingency of their offer.

Getting a pressure test before you’re ready to list your home allows you to address any problems it uncovers so that you’re not surprised later. If you choose not to address the issues, you can disclose them and adjust your asking price accordingly. In the end, this helps smooth out the selling process for both you and the buyer.

3. Troubleshoot Loss of Pressure

A loss of pressure in your home’s water supply has a cause, and you need to determine it. Pressure testing allows you to diagnose the issue before you’re left with significant water damage to repair.

4. Prevent Foundation Damage

Leaks in your underground lines can also cause substantial damage to your foundation. The extra moisture slowly erodes the ground under your house, leaving parts of the foundation unsupported.

When Should You Get a Pressure Test?

Fortunately, pressure tests aren’t something you need to do regularly. Rather, there are specific times when you might want to schedule one. These include:

  • Before listing your home for sale
  • After renovations
  • Before and after foundation work
  • When there’s an unexplained drop in water pressure
  • When you smell bad odors that seemingly have no source
  • After replacing part of your plumbing

Don’t let leaking plumbing ruin your Mesquite area home’s value or deprive you of the safety and comfort you enjoy. Call today to schedule your hydrostatic pressure test with the expert plumbers at Metroplex Leak & Line Locators.

Give us a call today to schedule fast, affordable, and reliable leak repair in Mesquite Texas. We are standing by 214-388-4525

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Timothy Gray
Timothy Gray
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Great service, quick response time and friendly staff. Very honest and professional .. I highly recommend Metroplex Leak & Line Locaters!!
Jon Demchuk
Jon Demchuk
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Great service and the best price I could find! I will definitely be recommending them to anyone I know that needs plumbing work!
Guillermo Quintero
Guillermo Quintero
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Had them out to locate leak in yard service. Very professional and reasonably priced. Was able to pinpoint leak. Had plumber out to repair and was right where they said it was. I would highly recommend!