Foundation Leak Detection & Repair in Mesquite, TX

leak detection service

Our team of expert plumbing pro’s can use specialized cameras and locating equipment to identify leaks that may be hidden under your homes foundation. We can use them to isolate sections of piping where leaks may be present. When a leak is present in your home or businesses foundation, it can cause serious problems if ignored.

Here at Metroplex Leak and Line Locators we are experts at foundation leak detection and foundation leak repair in Mesquite, TX. We find and fix all water and sewer lines regardless of size or location. Conveniently located in Mesquite our team serves the greater DFW area providing same day leak detection in most cases!

Do not allow your homes foundation to become compromised. A water leak that is left unchecked will allow more and more water to leak from your homes piping causing larger cracks over time, leading an unstable structure and decrease in the homes value!

Do I Have a Foundation Leak?

Do you have cracks in your homes foundation, walls, or ceilings? Although small cracks in the foundation are a natural occurence, large or wide cracks should be seen as red flags. Likewise, any cracks that occur in your walls or ceilings should be major cause for concern. This is a clear sign that the foundation has shifted. If this is due to a water or sewer line leak, it will only get worse if left uncorrected.  A quick visual inspection performed 1-2x a year can lead to early identification of a foundation leak and save you $1,000’s in costly repairs. If you have noticed foul smells, or unusally green patches of grass these are also cause for concern.