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Leak in Your Yard? Learn About Causes, Locating a Leak, & Repair Methods.

A yard leak is exactly what you are thinking it is: a leak caused by the sewer main, your main water line, or your sprinkler system. You can have all the landscaping work in the world done to your property and still have to deal with destruction from a leak. Curb appeal is very important when it comes to selling a home, if that is your goal right now, and a leak can cause very unsightly problems. Today, we will take a look at the most common causes of a yard plumbing leak and how they are repaired.

Verify the Cause of the Excess Water

The first thing you need to do is verify the cause of the excess water in your yard. This is easily done by reviewing the previous week’s weather. If you know it didn’t rain recently there is no other reason for excess water to be in your yard, even if you run a sprinkler system every other day. You can also check the water meter of your home to determine if there is a leak. Pop the lid off the water meter in your yard. If the red dial is spinning on the meter this is an indicator that a leak is present.

Finding the Source of the Yard Plumbing Leak

Once you determine that the excess water in your yard is due to a leak and not the recent weather pattern you need to find the source of said leak. This is not something that should be taken lightly or postponed until you have time. Call one of our plumbers in Mesquite, TX to have the source of the leak pinpointed.

The first option is to investigate the sprinkler system on your property, if you have one. Locate system box, which will probably have a green lid. It should be near where the main controls are located but it could be anywhere in your yard. Remove the lid and take a look at the meter in the system box. Look at the meter to make sure it is moving. Turn the ball valves to the off position. If the meter is no longer moving then the leak is being caused by the sprinkler system.

The second option is to investigate the main water line. The main water line will be the likely culprit of the leak if the meter for the sprinkler system continues to move once the ball valves have been moved to the off position.

If neither of the first two options have revealed a leak it’s likely the leak is coming from the sewer line or septic system for your home. Be on the lookout for unusually green grass in certain areas and the foul stench of sewage.

Whether your yard leak is caused by the sprinkler system, a problem with the sewer or septic system, or the main water line, you will want a reputable and experienced plumber to handle the repairs.

Repairing a Yard Plumbing Leak

Now that you have identified the reason for the yard plumbing leak it is time to begin with repairs. These should be made as soon as possible so that you are not paying for water you aren’t using and so that none of the water seeps into your home, causing thousands of dollars in damage to your belongings and the property itself.

Shutting Off Water Service

It’s important to shut off the water service to the affected pipe so that no more water leaks into the yard where the plumber has to perform the repairs. Once the area dries from the latest leak the plumber will be able to begin the digging process.

Digging to Find the Source

The first thing the plumber will do is begin digging in your yard close to wear the water or sewage is pooling with the hopes that this is where the source of the leak is located. Heavy equipment might be needed for the digging if the pipes are buried deep enough in the ground. If not, a simple trench to uncover the pipes could be dug using a shovel.

Replacing the Broken Pipe

The pipe causing the leak in your yard might need to be replaced in a small section or entirely. It depends on how bad the damage is to the pipe. A tree root could have broken through the pipe, causing the leak. Or, there could be a clog in the pipe that has led to water backing up onto the yard.

Restoring the Yard

The final step in fixing a yard plumbing leak is to restore the yard. The plumber will refill the hole with the dirt dug out of it and some other dirt fill brought to your home. You can then put down either new grass seed or sod over the area.

Do you have water pooling in your yard and it’s not because of rain? You likely have a yard plumbing leak that should be repaired immediately. Call the experienced team at Metroplex Line & Leak Locators at 214-388-4525 to schedule an appointment for service today.

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