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Leaking Pipes: Causes, Signs, & When to Call a Plumber

For plumbing leaks that are visible to the naked eye like those that occur in faucets, bathroom fixtures, or underneath kitchen sinks, repairs are usually pretty simple. Typically they need only a small tweak like an o-ring or washer replacement or a shower cartridge swap to put an end to the dripping. For hidden leaks, the ones that occur inside walls and under slabs, the repair process can be much more involved. Instead of dealing with an above surface plumbing fixture, you may be dealing with a leaking pipe. Leaking pipes can wreak havoc on your home.

When pipes corrode and deteriorate they can become the source of endless issues for you to deal with. From foundation shifts to full on flooding of your home, there is no shortage of ways a pipe leak can cause you grief. In this blog post we’ll show you what to look out for in order to identify pipe leaks in their early stages before they have a chance to cause catastrophic damage to your home.

What Causes Pipes to Leak?

1 – Foundation shifts – Over time it is inevitable that the foundation of your home will shift. The only question is, will it put enough strain on your home’s water lines to cause them to disconnect, become disjointed, or rupture completely.

2 – High water pressure – Given enough time and pressure, water will cut through a pipe the same way it cuts through bedrock to form rivers and streams. When the water pressure in a home’s plumbing system is too high, it can cause accelerated wear and tear on your pipes. Fast flowing water coupled with quick directional changes can sometimes be too much for pipes to handle.

3 – Tree roots – For pipes that are buried in a yard that also houses large trees, tree root intrusions can be a big issue.

4 – Corrosion– Although corrosion may not be a huge concern in some of Mesquite’s newly built home’s, many older homes in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex were built utilizing copper or galvanized steel pipes for their plumbing system. Both materials are highly susceptible to rust over time.

The first step to preventing pipes from springing a leak is ensuring these factors are under control. If you have concerns about your home’s pipes and would like a licensed plumber to take a look, give us a call today.

Leaking Pipes Can Cause All Sorts of Issues

From poor water quality, to stained ceilings and walls, to warped flooring, to invasive mold and mildew growth, and flooding, leaking pipes can cause serious damage to your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Don’t allow a leaky pipe to undermine the structural integrity of your home and lower it’s overall property value.

Another common issue homeowners face when dealing with pipe leaks, is mold growth. Mold feeds off of moisture and air alone. This means any pipe leak in a moderately cool and dark area is a hotbed for mold. Mold can be toxic, dangerous to humans and animals, and spreads like wildfire. If you have noticed mold growing under cabinets, in closets, or underneath sinks, it is a sign that you likely have a plumbing leak somewhere nearby.

Far and away the most costly issue that can be the result of an ignored or undiagnosed water leak is flooding. One burst or broken pipe can leak thousands of gallons of water into your home in a matter of hours. From electrical items being permanently ruined, to the need for water damage restoration services that cost upwards of $5,000 for a small living room sized space, a single burst pipe can be a huge and costly issue. Fixing a leaking pipe is a much more affordable option. That’s why it is so important to be proactive before a small leak turns into a huge deal.

Do I Need a Plumber to Repair My Leaky Pipe?

If you are experiencing any of the above signs of a leaking pipe or have received an unusually high water bill, it’s time to call a plumber. Having your home inspected for leaks is a relatively simple process that involves little more than turning off the water supply to your home and checking the meter for useage. If it is determined that a leak is present, our company has state of the art equipment designed to pinpoint plumbing leaks at their source.

If you have noticed stained walls or warped flooring or mold growth under cabinets or sinks, call a plumber now. A routine inspection is a great low-cost way to ensure that you identify potential plumbing leaks before they become an issue.

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