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Routine Plumbing Maintenance to Perform in Your Home

There are quite a few responsibilities that homeowners have in order to keep things running smoothly as often as possible. One of those responsibilities is performing routine plumbing maintenance. You can either perform the maintenance yourself or bring in an experienced Mesquite, TX plumber to handle the maintenance on a regular basis. Today, we will take a look at the different types of maintenance you should perform in various areas of your home throughout the year to keep the plumbing working and flowing well.

Kitchen Sink Maintenance

One of the first places you should start when it comes to regular maintenance for your plumbing is in the kitchen. The kitchen sink gets quite a bit of use each day by every member of your household. This includes adults and children. So many different things can be sent down the drain, including food, oil, grease and other debris that shouldn’t go down there. Kitchen sink maintenance tips include the following:

  • Run the water and the disposal together prior to adding food
  • Run cold water for 15 seconds after the disposal is done breaking down food
  • Run the dishwasher at night to maintain strong water pressure in the day
  • Do not put stringy or fibrous foods in the disposal such as banana peels and celery

Bathroom Sink Maintenance

Bathroom sinks get used just as much as the kitchen sink. If not, they are used pretty close, especially when shaving, doing hair, brushing teeth and washing hands throughout the day. The following maintenance tips should be put to use in bathroom sinks:

  • Install screens in all drains, including the shower and tub, to prevent hair and other debris from going down them
  • Only flush toilet paper and human waste in the toilet, not paper towels, napkins, pads, wipes or other items
  • Wait 10 minutes between showers to maintain water pressure and temperature
  • Do not use chemical clog removal liquids in any drains or toilets

Outdoor Faucets

Almost all homes in Texas have outdoor faucets. Most of them are spigots that are used to connect hoses to for watering the lawn, watering the bushes, and even washing the cars at the home. You need to take care of these faucets just like the ones inside your home in order to avoid any issues cropping up through the years. Some of the maintenance tips for outdoor faucets include the following:

  • Shut off the outdoor water valves and drain them before the winter
  • Disconnect all outdoors hoses and empty them of water before storing them
  • Check for any leaks on outdoor faucets and have them repaired immediately
  • Insulate all of the pipes in the home that are in areas with no heat, such as a basement, crawl space, attic or garage
  • Cover outdoor spigots with a styrofoam cover

Check Sump Pump and Gutters

You also need to check the sump pump and the gutters of your home prior to every winter. The sump pump should be emptied and cleaned out so that it does not have issues in the winter months, when it’s less likely to operate. You also need to clean out all the gutters around your home so water can flow properly away from the roof and the rest of the home.

Inspect the Septic System

The septic system in your home should be emptied yearly and inspected just as often, especially if it is an older system. You definitely don’t want this system to fail and backup into your home as it will send human waste into your pipes and drains. If you have sewer service, make sure a plumber snakes it regularly to make sure no tree roots are blocking it.

Maintenance to Perform Weekly

One of the most important tasks you can do is check your pipes at least once per week throughout the year, not just during the winter months. Checking the pipes often helps you avoid a break or other issue that could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Other plumbing maintenance items you should do weekly include the following:

  • Test all drains in the home for how quickly they drain water
  • Check under sinks and toilet bases for leaks
  • Turn on every faucet in the home and make sure there is no water shooting out from the handles or valves
  • Clean the lint trap on the washing machine

Do you need plumbing maintenance for your home in Mesquite, TX? Are you uncomfortable handling the maintenance yourself? It’s time to call the experienced team at Metroplex Leak & Line Locators to schedule an appointment for maintenance.

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