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The Benefits Of Hydro Jetting

Almost every homeowner has experienced the annoyance of a clogged drain from time to time. It is not an uncommon problem to have because of all the things that we allow to wash down the drains of our sinks, tubs, and showers. Things like grease, hair, and food debris are not meant to be washed into drain pipes. And when they do, you are sure to be experiencing a clog or even a backed-up sewer line.

Some Poor Drain Cleaning Choices

Most homeowners will tell you that there are many ways to deal with a clogged drain. Unfortunately, the number one option is a jug of chemical drain cleaner. And, by the way, that is also the number one way that homeowners damage their drains and create job security for their local plumbers. Chemical drain cleaners have a better chance of melting your pipes than they do actually removing a tough clog. Other DIY savvy homeowners will recommend breaking out the handy plumbing snake. But that is only an option if you are trying to remove something soft like a wad of toilet paper. And a plumbing snake does nothing to clean your drain pipes.

Hydro Jetting- The Only True Drain Cleaning Process

The only process that truly cleans every square inch of your drain pipes is Hydro Jetting. This process uses a specialized piece of equipment that creates a very high-pressured jet of water that blasts away all of the sticky residue that is coating the inside of your drain pipes. This scum is what snags food and debris particles to begin forming the toughest drain clogs.

In addition to scrubbing the walls of your drain pipes, the water jet is strong enough to blast away clogs and even destroy tree roots that have invaded your sewer line. Most Hydro Jet systems will produce between 3,000 and 8,000 PSI of scrubbing power to clean your drains. And then, all of the debris and particles are washed completely out of your drain lines and into the city sewer system.

Why Trust Hydro Jetting?


 Hydro Jet cleaning uses nothing but clean, pure water to clean your drain pipes. So you never need to worry about damage to your drain pipes from harsh chemicals. That also means that you will never need to worry about caustic chemical fumes in your home after a professional Hydro Jet drain cleaning.


While Hydro Jets do use an incredible amount of water at very high pressure, all of the licensed plumbers at Metroplex Leak & Line have been fully trained to operate the equipment safely and professionally. We are so sure of our plumber’s expertise and skill that we warranty all of their work. We also guarantee that after our Hydro Jet drain cleaning, you will not have any clog issues for up to six months.


Because of the volume of water used in Hydro Jetting, this is the only process that will remove all of the residue from the inside of your drain pipes. As you can imagine, there can be some nasty scum inside your drains, and it will create a bad odor if not removed. And the only sure way to get your pipes complete clean and odor-free is a professional Hydro Jet cleaning.


Hydro Jetting can clean even old pipes with many fittings and curves. A snake will often get stuck and only be able to clean a portion of these drain systems. But the high powered water from a Hydro Jet reaches every inch of every pipe and fitting in your home.


Hydro Jetting helps to reduce the number of bacteria inside your drain pipes. No one wants to think about the bacteria, mold, and other filth that is inside a drain pipe. And even worse is the thought of a clog that forces that awful mess into your sink, shower, or tub. After you deal with the clog, you will want to sanitize your fixtures to kill all of the contamination the back-up left behind. But thanks to regular Hydro Jet cleanings, clogs and bacteria are flushed from your drains.

Don’t let a drain clog turn into a back-up of raw sewage and dirty water in your home. At the first sign of trouble, call (214) 388-4525 to schedule an appointment with a Metroplex Leak & Line drain cleaning specialist. We even offer appointments in the evening and on the weekend, so we don’t disrupt your busy schedule.

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Timothy Gray
Timothy Gray
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Great service, quick response time and friendly staff. Very honest and professional .. I highly recommend Metroplex Leak & Line Locaters!!
Jon Demchuk
Jon Demchuk
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Great service and the best price I could find! I will definitely be recommending them to anyone I know that needs plumbing work!
Guillermo Quintero
Guillermo Quintero
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Had them out to locate leak in yard service. Very professional and reasonably priced. Was able to pinpoint leak. Had plumber out to repair and was right where they said it was. I would highly recommend!