01 Jun. 20

4 Signs That Its Time For New Bathroom Fixtures

When it is time to renovate, or you are looking for a way to invest a few dollars in your home, most people never think about updating the fixtures in their bathrooms. And this is odd when you consider that realtors will tell you that the kitchen and bathrooms are the two most important spaces when a potential buyer is viewing a home. It could be that homeowners think that these are expensive and complicated projects, or they might believe that as long as the fixtures work, there is no need to upgrade. However, there are a few solid reasons to make a change when it comes to the fixtures in your home’s bathroom.

Dripping Faucets Or Showerhead

The EPA estimates that the average home wastes about 10,000 gallons of water each year because of small drips and leaks. To put that into perspective, that is enough to fill a residential in-ground swimming pool completely!

When a faucet is dripping, the reason is usually a worn-out washer or gasket inside the valve. And in most cases, these items are not designed to be replaced. A leaking showerhead is often because it has loosened slightly from the pipe and is allowing water to escape at the treads. This leak is also going to create rust or corrosion on the showerhead and the water pipe. The solution for both of these drips is to replace the unit.

Quality bathroom fixtures are available in a wide price range, so the investment can be minimal. But it will eliminate a water-wasting leak and perk up the look of a space that you use multiple times every day. And according to realtors, the installation of reasonably priced bathroom fixtures is always a good investment in your home’s value.

Something Is Loose

Most faucet and shower valves have adjustment screws that allow you to tighten or loosen the handle. But as they age and begin to corrode and wear, those adjustment features start to wear as well. The result is a loose handle that still functions somewhat but is just looking for a reason to break and flood your bathroom.

Every item in your home wears out over time. And when you have a metal fixture that is continuously exposed to moisture, it is going to reach a point that it is no longer reliable. The more you try to tighten an adjustment screw, the worse the problem will become. The solution is as simple as selecting a new replacement faucet or shower fixture.

Humidity And Hard Water Make For A Hard Life

Bathrooms are a notoriously moist area. And when you combine humidity, water, and metal fixtures, the outcome is often deterioration and a dingy appearance. And once that shiny, smooth metal surface is compromised by corrosion or rust, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

If you are exhausted by the thought of scrubbing your bathroom fixtures yet again to remove mildew and corrosion from the tiny cracks and crevices, it is time to go shopping. A replacement fixture will eliminate hours of scrubbing and the contamination from mold and mildew growing in your sink or shower.

You Are Ready For A New Look!

Not every reason to update your bathroom fixtures needs to revolve around functionality. You use this space multiple times a day, and there is no reason not to spruce it up a bit when it is looking boring. And installing new water-saving fixtures will help to reduce wasted water and lower your utility bill each month.

There are many, many choices out there when you are ready to replace the fixtures in your bathroom. You can completely change the look of the space, and its functionality, while keeping the cost at a very reasonable level. But remember, your new fixtures will only perform at their peak when they are installed correctly. And even a small miscalculation can result in a water leak that will cause thousands of dollars in water damage.

If you are not comfortable and qualified to install new fixtures correctly, just call (214) 388-4525. A Metroplex Leak & Line licensed plumber can quickly and professionally install your new fixtures so that you never need to worry about leaks or problems. You will enjoy the function and visual appeal of new fixtures and a complete warranty on the installation process.