09 Mar. 20

5 Impressive Benefits Of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

Every homeowner knows that their sewer line provides an essential service to their home. It is the one pipe to carry all of the waste and dirty water from the house out to the city sewer main. But when that sewer line becomes damaged or started to deteriorate due to age, many homeowners panic. All they can picture is a massive trench through their yard and equally massive dollar signs to pay for their sewer line replacement. But thanks to some impressive new technology, trenchless sewer line replacement, this nightmare is a thing of the past.

How It All Works

To determine the problem with your sewer line, our pros use a tiny camera that is inserted into the pipe on a long cable. This process allows us to view images of the inside of your sewer pipe. And it also allows us to determine if there is a single problem in a small section of the pipe or if the entire pipe is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.

If there is only a small section of the pipe that is damaged, then we can make a repair of only that area. To do this, we insert a liner into the pipe and guide it to the problem area. Then we use a balloon-like bladder that is blown up to force the liner against the inside wall of the sewer line. Once the liner is dried and cured, we remove the bladder, and the repair is complete.

If our video images reveal that the entire pipe is decaying and requires replacement, we insert a full liner into the sewer line. This massive liner is then inflated to create an entirely new sewer line inside the shell of your old, disintegrating sewer line. And once the liner is set, you have a new sewer line, but without the massive trench across your yard.

The Benefits Of Going Trenchless

  • Time- The trenchless repair and replacement process is much faster than the old method of digging up the damaged pipe. And as everyone knows, time is money. So we are saving time on the repair which translates to you saving money. In most cases, this process saves at least a full day of labor because we are not digging and backfilling a massive trench.
  • Longevity- While 50 years is the maximum for older pipes that were used for sewer lines, that is the minimum life expectancy for a trenchless sewer line liner installation.
  • Destruction- When you are facing a backup of sewage into your home, your last concern is what your yard is going to look like in a few weeks. But once you have gotten your sewer line replaced, you begin to think about the large trench and all of the destruction that it caused. Now you have flushing toilets and drains that work, but you are looking at a massive scar across your yard. It could take a full year for your lawn to recover. And in more established neighborhoods, you might discover that your sewer line runs under a favorite planting bed or even a massive tree that shades your home and yard. Both of which would be destroyed by the trench needed to replace your sewer line. Finally, if the trench was not compacted correctly during the refill process, you could end up with sunken areas that need additional repairs in years to come. But not of that will be an issue with a trenchless repair or replacement.

You never want to think about the issues that can occur when your sewer line is damaged or worn out. But if you are facing either of these annoying and costly issues, take the time to find a qualified plumber who offers trenchless sewer line repair and replacement. In the area, call (214) 388-4525 and speak to the pros at Metroplex Leak & Line. Our team has been offering trenchless sewer line replacement for years. And we have the expertise to get your project done quickly and cost-effectively.