16 Mar. 20

5 Signs That You Need A Sewer Repair

Most homeowners never give a thought to the condition of their sewer line. And there are even some who have no idea that they own a sewer line. But as soon as there is an issue with a slow clearing sink, tub, or shower drain, these people begin to realize that their home’s single sewer line does a job that is essential to their happy home. Knowing the early signs of a sewer line issue is the best way to avoid disgusting catastrophes like a puddle of raw sewage in your yard or sewage backing up into your home.

Slow Clearing Drains

You might choose to overlook the obvious when you are standing in an inch of dirty water while you are taking a shower. But thinking that this is just a small inconvenience if not the right approach. You are not saving yourself any money. In fact, you are likely to be costing yourself money. Water damage repairs and decontamination from s sewage flood are very costly.

What you need to remember is that any slow clearing drain in a message from your drain pipes that a small clog is forming. And if left unaddressed, that little problem is going to do nothing but grow. Make the smart choice and call in the pros to eliminate all of the small issues like clogs and cracked sewer pipes before they cause serve damage to your home.

Foul Odors In Your Home

Let’s face it, the stuff in your sewer line smells really bad. And you should never be able to smell that inside your home. The waste and gas that it produces should remain sealed inside the pipe. But if there is a crack in the pipe or any of the fittings or connections, then your home is going to wreak of a sewage odor. As soon as you get a whiff of that pungent odor, call in the pros to get the problem fixed before it worsens and you have a contamination issue to deal with as well.

Mold Growth

Cracked sewer lines allow both gas and moisture to leak into the walls and floors of your home. And when this issue is not corrected quickly, that moisture will promote some nasty mold growth. If you see any signs of mold growing on the surface of walls and floors or smell mildew, act quickly to avoid the spread of mildew, mold, and other bacteria in your home.

Backups And Blockages

If your toilet is not flushing correctly, the problem is almost always due to a blockage in the sewer line. There are not many moving parts in a toilet that will stop it from flushing correctly. So a call to the pros at Metroplex Leak & Line is your best move. If the blockage is not addressed promptly, you are sure to be facing a backup of sewage and filthy water. Blockages are also the reason for your slow clearing tub, shower, and sink drains. So when both of these issues are plaguing your home, don’t wait for the final act, a sewage flood, to call (214) 388-4525.

Old Pipes

Nothing lasts forever, and that is certainly true for your sewer lines. If your home is more than 50 years old and has the original sewer line, it is time to be proactive and thankful. In most cases, sewer lines begin becoming troublesome around the age of 40-45. And from there it is all downhill. So if your 50-year-old sewer pipe has not regurgitated sewage into your home yet, get it replaced. Nothing good will come from waiting until the first major issue to get a quote to replace your old sewer line.

Sewer lines are just a necessity of life. And when you think about the potential disaster of a sewer line flood in your home, it seems silly not to address any of the issues described here. A call to the sewer line repair and replacement pros at Metroplex Leak & Line is all you need to do. Our pro will provide you with a complete price quote to eliminate your sewer line issues and the expense of black water damage to your home.