15 Aug. 20

6 Signs Of A Water Leak That Every Homeowner Should Recognize

A water leak in your home can cause a considerable amount of damage if it is not located and repaired quickly. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of the subtle signs that there is a leak located somewhere in or under their homes. So they never look for the leak until there is a noticeable and significant amount of expensive water damage. But you can save yourself a lot of time and expense if you become familiar with the following six signs of a water leak.

  1. UNUSUALLY HIGH WATER BILL – Most homeowners are relatively familiar with the amount of their average water bill. So when you see that your water bill has increased significantly, for no apparent reason, then it is time to start worrying. Of course, some months will be higher because of increased usage, for example, in the spring when you fill the pool, or if you spent a week power washing your house, deck, and sidewalk. But if it was an average month, and your water bill is significantly higher, it is time to look for a hidden water leak.
  2. THE SOUND OF RUNNING OR DRIPPING WATER – There are certain times when your house is very quiet, and you can hear the subtle sounds of a faucet dripping or a trickle of water draining from your toilet. But suppose those sounds are not coming from the usual suspects. You should begin to look for moisture along walls and floors, moist drywall, and other signs of a nearby water leak. Even a tiny trickle will cause severe water damage if left unrepaired.
  3. WET FLOORING – Nothing is worse than walking across the carpet and discovering that your sock is now soaked. You wonder if the dog had an accident. But after bravely smelling your wet sock, you determine that it is just water and breath a sigh of relief. But that calm is short-lived as you begin to wonder how water got to the middle of the living room floor. Don’t just soak up the water with a towel and forget it. Soon the moisture will be back and bring mold and mildew along with it. It is time to quickly find the source of the water and repair the leak.
  4. FOUL ODOR – Have you noticed an odd or foul smell in your home, but have no idea why? The smell could be due to mold and mildew growing in your floors, walls, or even on your flooring or drywall. Shortly after the odor appears, you will be able to see some signs of mold growth, including a powdery grey substance or black, green, or red mold growing in moist areas. When these signs appear, call (214) 388-4525 immediately. The spores from these fungi have already begun to contaminate the air in your home. And you could start to suffer from an allergic reaction very soon.
  5. OVERLY LUSH GREEN AREA IN THE LAWN – Unless you have had a recent fertilizer spill in your grass, there is no reason for a small area to be more lush than the rest unless you have a water leak. The area could also be very soft or even have standing water if the leak is severe. If not repaired quickly, you could begin to see bacteria growth and mosquitos infesting the area. And if the leak is in the water supply line for your home, you could also start to notice contamination in your water. Small pieces of dirt and debris will enter the piping at the crack and be carried into your home.
  6. WALL CRACKS – Water is incredibly powerful. And over time, even a small leak can erode the soil away from your home’s foundation. The ground will begin to shift in that area and result in significant cracks in your walls. Cracks that are vertical or diagonal are often caused by a water leak and should be repaired immediately. 

Knowing the subtle signs of a water leak in or near your home is essential to keeping your home safe. When you see any of these indications of a leak, it is imperative that you call the pros at Metroplex Leak & Line to schedule a leak detection appointment. Our licensed plumbers use the latest technology to find leaks in a non-invasive and cost-effective manner.

Once the leak is located, we will provide you with a complete price quote to repair the problem and eliminate your stress. Just call (214) 388-4525 to schedule an appointment for a same-day appointment.