15 Jun. 20

7 Common Causes Of Costly Water Leaks

You rely on your plumbing every day to deliver water into your home and also to carry waste, dirty water, and sewage out of your home. And even the thought of a water leak in your home came cause a significant amount of worry and stress. But once you know the most common causes of water leaks, you can work to eliminate these issues in your home, and also recognize the issues that could potentially cause a water leak and expensive water damage to your home. 

Poor Construction Or Installation

When the pipes outside your home are installed, it is critical that the soil is adequately compacted to avoid settling, which could crack the pipes. Pipes installed inside your home should be anchored securely and always installed to meet both the local plumbing code and the industry’s best-practice standards. Plumbing is not a place to save a few dollars and attempt a DIY project or hire anyone who is not a licensed plumber. Improper installation can result in very expensive water damage and even toxic mold growth in your home. 

Tree Root Issue

Tree roots can grow around pipes and will eventually exert enough pressure to crack or shatter the pipe. This can occur with water lines running into your home or sewer lines running out of your home. It is best to keep all trees clear of any pipes in your yard to avoid this costly issue. 

Leaky Fixtures Or Appliances

Most homeowners don’t think about the possibility of a water leak at a fixture or appliance that uses water. Regular inspections of the fittings and tubing to your refrigerator’s water and ice dispenser, your washing machine, dishwasher, toilet, and supply lines to faucets can save you from a flood and expensive repair. And in most cases, the replacement fitting or hose only costs a few dollars. And it can be completed proactively to avoid the entire mess. 

Pipe Corrosion

Pipes and plumbing fitting do wear out over time. And as they age, you can often see signs of rust or corrosion on older copper and steel pipes. This weakens the pipe and will create tiny drips or leaks. If repaired or replaced quickly, the damage is minimal. However, if the leak goes unnoticed, it will become larger and do much more damage to your home. 

Too Much Water Pressure

It could be hard to believe in some areas of the country that have notoriously low water pressure, but excessive water pressure will damage your plumbing pipes. Not only will the high pressure create unnecessary stress on the joints and fittings, but it will also cause the pipe to deteriorate faster than under normal conditions. If your home’s water pressure is over 60 PSI, a pressure reducing valve can be installed to reduce the pressure and protect your piping. 

Damaged Pipe Joints, Connections, And Seals

Most plumbing pipe has joints or fittings with curved corners to redirect the flow inside the pipe. After many years of wear and tear, these fittings can begin to loosen or crack, which allows water to leak out and damage your home and the pipe. Hard blasts of water from a faucet that is cranked on completely can increase the stress on the fittings and seals. Turning taps on and off slowly is the best way to prevent a catastrophic crack in a fitting and avoid significant water damage. 

Untreated Clogs

A slow clearing drain might not appear to be a big deal. But it is a sign that there is something clogging the drainpipe. And if left in place, the foreign matter in the pipe will create corrosion and cause unnecessary erosion inside the pipe. The result is likely to be a costly leak. And the only thing worse than ignoring a clog is dumping caustic chemical drain cleaner into a drainpipe. The chemicals will often weaken the pipe wall without removing the clog. A professional drain cleaning is the only guaranteed fix for a clogged drainpipe. 

Knowing these common causes of water leaks is only half of your job as a homeowner. The other half is knowing that the best way to fix any of these potentially serious issues is with a call to (214) 388-4525 to schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber from Metroplex Leak & Line. Our team is available 24/7, so you never need to worry about how to fix any plumbing issue.