Leak Detection Carrollton, TX

A leaking pipe or sewer main can increase your water bill and cause a lot of damage if it is not quickly identified and repaired. If you have any reason to suspect that you have a pipe leaking or a sewer main that may have a crack, call Metroplex Leak and Line Locators.

Metroplex Leak and Line Locators has provided fast, affordable, and reliable leak detection in Carrollton, TX and the Dallas area for almost 30 years—we have the experience and expertise needed to find even the smallest leak. You can count on us to use our tools and equipment to locate a leak within 3 inches of where a pipe or sewer main needs repair.

At Metroplex, one of our main goals has always been to provide affordable leak repairs and the best customer service possible. We want every one of our customers to be completely happy with their repairs, as well as the service we provided.

If you know or suspect that a pipe or your sewer main line is leaking, we invite you to contact us today! We will send out an experienced and professional technician to perform your leak detection in Carrollton at a time that is convenient for you!

What is a slab leak?

While researching plumbing leaks online you  may have read the term “slab leak” and wondered what exactly that means. A slab leak is essentially an umbrella term that we use to describe a leaking water pipe that is located under the “slab” or concrete foundation in a home. Because of their hidden nature, slab leaks often times go undetected for longer than some other types of plumbing leaks. High water bills, warms spots on flooring, and the sound of running water when faucets are turned off, are all serious signs that a slab leak may be present in your home. If you suspect you have a water leak in need of location, give us a call today! We are the go-to plumbers when it comes to Slab Leak Detection in Carrollton.

How is a slab leak detected?

Here at Metroplex our team of plumbers specialize in slab leak detection services in Carrollton Texas. When you call us to schedule a slab leak detection, we will dispatch a licensed, uniformed, slab leak location expert equipped with extremely sensitive electronic leak detection equipment. The leak detection equipment will allow us to listen to water lines currently burried under the slab. When they pick up the sound of water running through pipes that have been switched off, we will know where a leak is coming from.

Slab Leak Detection Carrollton

When one of our leak location experts determines that a leak is in fact present in your homes plumbing system they will get to work right away to isolate the line that is leaking. They will utilize our state-of-the-art leak listening equipment to pinpoint the exact spot the leak is located. Then they will go over the repair process in detail. Giving you a free written estimate for the total cost of the repair work. From there, they will get straight to work repairing the leaking line and restoring your home to a leak-free state!

When you hire Metroplex to perform your slab leak detection in Carrollton we will:

-Pressure test the pipes
-Moisutre probe for excess moisture
-Use listening devices to pinpoint the leaks location
-Use video camera inspection if the leak is present in a sewer line with a diameter greater than 2 inches

The best part about the process that we use for our leak detection service, is that none of the steps require damaging your homes flooring or jackhammering through the slab! Our minimally invasive techniques will not only save you money, but also time and stress!