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DeSoto, TX

Leak Detection in DeSoto, TX

If you suspect a leak on your property, contact Metroplex Leak and Line Locators for the best leak detection services in DeSoto, TX! Our company has nearly 30 years of experience and our skilled pros use the most technologically advanced equipment to pinpoint leaks with extreme accuracy—in fact, we typically can detect a leak within 3 inches of where it is located.
Since 1989, Metroplex Leak and Line Locators has worked hard to establish a reputation of excellence—our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our numerous 5-star rating on Google reviews speak for themselves. Our main goals have always been to provide amazing customer service and unparalleled leak detection services for our customers.
Leaks are a major hassle, whether they are in pipes, a sewer line, or a water main. Metroplex Leak and Line Locators makes a great effort to make repairs quickly in order to minimize damage and the cost of repairs. We do the job right the first time so out customers can have the peace of mind of knowing that leaks have been fixed properly.
When you’re seeking the most accurate leak detection services in DeSoto, TX, look no further than Metroplex Leak and Line Locators! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Call 214-388-4525 today, and know that a leak detection specialist from Metroplex Leak & Locate will arrive quickly and ready to locate any leaks in your home or under your slab foundation.

Common Signs of a Hidden Plumbing Leak

While often times plumbing leaks are not easily noticed, below are a few tell-tale signs that a plumbing leak my be hiding somewhere in your home.
1. Unexplained Increase In Your Water Bill
The best recommendation we can give is to keep record of your average monthly water bill. Usage will change with the seasons so having a log of averages by month is a great first step to early leak detection. If you notice a significant and unexplained increase in your monthly bill it is likely due to a water leak somewhere in your home.
2. Quick & Easy Meter Test
You can walk outside to locate your home’s water meter and perform a quick and easy test. Simply shut off the water supply to your home (there will be a water main shut-off valve located in the back or side yard of your home). Then locate your home’s water meter. If the dial is continuously spinning even though the water supply has been shut off, it is a sure sign of a plumbing leak.
3. Mildew, Mildew, & Musty Smells
If you see visible mold or mildew in areas where it shouldn’t be, it is likely due to a water leak. Leaks cause damp spots and mold thrives on moisture and air alone. When mold is present it eminates a musty odor. If you notice mold growth or a musty smell in areas of your home (especially those that have been recently cleaned) it may be a sign of a leaking pipe.
4. Foundation Cracks
As your home’s foundation settles and shifts over the years it can be quite common to notice small cracks in the foundation. However, if you notice the sudden onset of a crack, or a large crack in the foundation, it could be due to a leaking pipe under the slab foundation. The water that leaks out from a damaged pipe can do much to weaken the foundation and it’s structural components. Leading to large and sudden cracks in the foundation.

Slab Leaks

What is a slab leak?
Plainly put, the term slab leak is used to denote a plumbing leak that occurs within a pipe that runs underneath the slab foundation of a home. The “slab” is the cement foundation that is laid before a home is built. When a leak under the slab occurs it can wreak all sorts of havoc on a property. One of the most expensive to remedy is a complete foundational shift. As a slab leak goes undetected and water leaks from a damaged pipe, the soil underneath the foundation absorbs the leaking water. This causes the soil to move and shift, eventually compromising the foundation of a home.
How Do Slab Leaks Occur?
Slab leaks can occur for any number of reasons but most common is the normal deterioration and break down of old pipes. The older a home is the more likely it is to develop a leaking pipe or pipes. Metals corrode and cast iron rots and over-time pipes break and become damaged. Another common issue is shifting soil under the foundation of a home. When soil shifts and foundations move, pipes underneath the foundation can be put under unintended stress causing all sorts of issues. Joints disconnect, pipes rupture, and leaks occur.
How are Slab Leaks Detected?
Slab leaks are not something to be taken lightly. The slightest inclination that a slab leak may be present in your home should be met with proactive detection methods to ensure nothing is wrong or uncover the issue for repair. A slab leak that is detected early on will cost much less to repair than one that is left to leak for months on end. The biggest piece of advice we give concerned homeowners who call in with questions about our slab leak detection service is to never allow any company to come into their home without proper leak location equipment. If leak location equipment is not used to locate a slab leak then the other method is to bust through the slab foundation. This literally means that an illequipped plumber would arrive at your home and attempt to locate the leaking pipe by cutting into the concrete slab foundation of your home hoping to expose it to the naked eye.

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Timothy Gray
Timothy Gray
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Great service, quick response time and friendly staff. Very honest and professional .. I highly recommend Metroplex Leak & Line Locaters!!
Jon Demchuk
Jon Demchuk
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Great service and the best price I could find! I will definitely be recommending them to anyone I know that needs plumbing work!
Guillermo Quintero
Guillermo Quintero
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Had them out to locate leak in yard service. Very professional and reasonably priced. Was able to pinpoint leak. Had plumber out to repair and was right where they said it was. I would highly recommend!