Leak Detection in Wylie, TX

When you discover a water leak in your Wylie TX home, Metroplex Leak & Locate is here to offer you 24/7 appointments including same-day and emergency scheduling, as well as a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Check us out on Google and with the BBB to read what your neighbors are saying about our exceptional customer service, fair pricing, and professional plumbing service. A call to (214) 388-4525 will be answered by a person and not a recording. You can ask questions, gather information about our company and our services, and schedule an appointment all on one call. 

We know that leaks are a waste of water and money, but we also know that you don’t want to waste time waiting for a plumber to show up at your home. We value our customers and their time, so we always arrive on time and ready to get to work. Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers arrive in a company truck, wearing a company uniform, so you know who is asking permission to enter your home. 

In addition to our dedication to customer service, we are also equally focused on providing you with the highest level of plumbing service. Our plumbers are fully trained on the latest leak detection techniques and the tools that allow Metroplex Leak & Locate to locate any leak quickly and very efficiently. After finding the leak, our plumber will provide you with repair options, as well as the price for each option.  Then we will help you make a well-informed choice about how to make the repair. Call (214) 388-4525 today, and know that we will find and fix any leak in your home affordably and professionally. 

The Two Types Of Leaks In Your Home

The most common water leaks in your home are all of the tiny, annoying ones that you can see and hear. These leaks include a dripping sink faucet or showerhead, a small leak under a sink and a toilet that runs at random times. All of these are issues that most people are comfortable ignoring for the most part. Water will drip down the drain, and that is not going to cause any damage. However, what these little problems are signaling is the potential for a complete failure of a valve or pipe that will create a great deal of expense and potentially much damage to your home. When you notice a tiny water leak, call (214) 388-4525 right away and know that a Metroplex Leak & Locate plumber will be able to fix the issue quickly and affordably. Also, the best part is your peace of mind of knowing that there is not a significant plumbing issue looming in your future. 

The really bad leaks are the ones that you cannot see or hear. You might only become concerned when your water bill suddenly increases or your water pressure decreases. This means that there is a leak somewhere inside your home, or even worse, there is a slab leak underneath your home. These hidden leaks are always cause for alarm and require an immediate call for emergency leak detection. A Leak detection specialist from Metroplex Leak & Locate will arrive quickly and ready to determine precisely where the leak is located. This will help to minimize any water damage and the potential for toxic black mold to begin growing inside your home. Call (214) 388-4525 as soon as possible and let our pros do the rest. 

What Is A Slab Leak?

Many homes are built on a concrete slab and do not have a crawl space or basement. This means that the plumbing pipes run under the concrete and then through it at specific points to supply your home with water. When the concrete slab shifts, expands, or contracts, the movement can cause small cracks in the water lines. These leaks are called slab leaks. 

Locating A Slab Leak

As you can imagine, it can be complicated to locate a small leak under your concrete foundation. To be sure that there is a leak in one of the pipes under your concrete slab, our plumbers will isolate each line and pressure test it. If a line indicates a leak, then it is time to bring out the specialized leak detection equipment. Our plumbers use sound-amplifying tools to listen for the sound of the running water under your home. As they get closer to the location of the leak, the sound will get louder and become more evident. This eliminates the need to cut numerous holes in your foundation to search for the leak. 

Fixing Slab Leaks

Slab leaks that are near the edge of your home can often be accessed from outside. Our plumber will dig a tunnel to access the leak and make the repair. If the leak is not accessible from the outside, the next option is to abandon the leaking pipe and reroute pipes through the walls, floor or attic of your home to resupply your entire home with water. 

As a last resort, we can cut a small hole in the concrete slab to access and repair the leak in the pipe. After the leak is fixed and tested, the concrete can be patched, and there will be no visible sign that the slab was ever disturbed. 

At Metroplex Leak & Locate we want you to understand that no water leak is ever insignificant. Every leak holds the potential for an expensive repair if ignored for too long. Call (214) 388-4525 at the first sign of an issue to reduce the chance of water damage and even harmful mold growth. Our commitment to each customer is 100% satisfaction with our services and our pricing. Moreover, our reputation throughout Wylie TX shows you that we stand behind our word. Call us today and let our team show you what a quality plumbing company has to offer.