15 Jun. 20

Benefits Of A Water Filtration System

Most people don’t really think about adding a water filtration system to their home unless there is a sudden drop in water quality. It could be that the taste becomes offensive or that the hardness has increased, and it is leaving spots on dishes. But in most cases, if the quality of your home’s water decreases over time, the change is slow enough that you don’t even notice it.

But when you move to a new home, you will quickly know if the water quality and taste meet your demands. If the taste is terrible, you might simply have decided to purchase bottled water. But you should first consider a water filtration system for your home because it offers several critical benefits above an improved taste.

Stopping Germs

All water is treated before it reaches your home. But the water quality standards can vary from city to city. And those variables are why some city water tastes better and is safer to drink than water from another city or utility supplier. And that includes more than just how the water tastes. It also includes the level of bacteria and germs that are acceptable in the water. A water filtration system in your home will remove waterborne parasites, germs, and bacteria that could be allowable in your city water supply.

Improve Your Skin Health

It might sound crazy, but hard water actually irritates your skin. No one ever considers how often they wash their hands or bathe when thinking about dry, damaged skin. And with the current health concerns making everyone even more vigilant about handwashing, hard water can create some severe skin damage.

Hard water is high in minerals because it percolates through limestone and gypsum, which consists of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates, and sulfates. And while these substances are not toxic, they are hard on your skin and hair and interfere with the performance of soaps and detergents. If you are experiencing dry, itchy, cracked skin, a water filtration system could be the solution.

Extend The Life Of Your Plumbing Pipes, Fixtures And Appliances

The minerals in hard water not only damage your skin, but they also can damage your plumbing pipes and equipment. They build up inside your supply water lines and eventually will restrict the water flow. Many homeowners find that the water pressure in their older homes have dropped for what they believe is no apparent reason. And their first concern is a hidden water leak. But in many cases, the drop in water pressure is related to the accumulation of mineral buildup inside their home’s pipes. Minerals also build up in faucets, showerheads, appliances like a fridge water dispenser blocking water flow.

In addition, some of the minerals that accumulate in water pipes promote corrosion and rust. Over time, these materials will actually eat away at the pipes, creating costly and potentially damaging water leaks. And if the leaks are hidden in the walls or floors of your home, they could also foster the growth of toxic black mold before their presence is ever known. But all of this can be avoided by installing a water filtrations system that removes these minerals from your water before they can damage your plumbing pipes and fixtures.

Saving Money

As you can see, hard water can cause a lot of costly damage to your plumbing system and appliances. And having that damage repaired is not cheap, nor is replacing clogged showerheads, sprinkler nozzles, and faucets. So look at the cost of your water filtration system as an investment or insurance policy that protects your pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

Now think of how much water your household uses each month for cooking and drinking. It might not seem like very much water in the grand scheme of things. Just in the case of drinking water, the Institute of Medicine recommends about 64 ounces per day. That is about 5.3 bottles of water for only one person for a day or 160 bottles per month. So roughly six cases of water at maybe four bucks a case is $24. And that is for just one person and with no water used for cooking.

In addition, homes with hard water often use more soap and detergent for cleaning. The hard water reduces the effectiveness of detergents when washing clothing and dishes and soap when bathing. But for the one-time cost of a water filtration system, you can forget about all of these other expenses. Call (214) 388-4525 to schedule an appointment with a Metroplex Leak & Line licensed plumber to learn more about water filtration systems and receive a free, no-obligation price quote.