Leaking water line

29 May. 19

Did You Know Main Water Lines Have A Life Expectancy?

The main water line or the mainline as it is sometimes called is the single water service line that carries all of the water into your home from the city water service. And while we all know that this single pipe is the only way that we get water to drink, bathe with and use for a multitude of other things, we never really stop to consider the age of the piping. It might surprise you to know that the life expectancy of this very critical pipe is as little as 40 years or as long as 80 years on average. But there is a great deal more than you should know when thinking about the main water supply line to your home.

What Causes A Main Water Line To Fail

Just like people, water lines age. And that aging process takes its toll on the pipe in the form of rust, corrosion or wear from slight movement in the soil around the pipe. Another very common cause of damage or failure of a water line is tree roots. Larger tree roots can grow around the pipes and actually crush them over time. In other cases, the tiny roots will grow into the joints of pipes, and once inside, expand to shatter the piping. Finally, as pipes age and become more brittle, they are more prone to damage from impact such as a shovel hitting the pipe or a larger piece of equipment striking the pipe.

Signs Of A Mainline Leak

Most of the time when a pipe is leaking due to wear and aging, the leak is very minimal at first. But over time, the pressure of the water erodes the damaged area in the pipe and increases the amount of water leaking from it. With a small leak outside your home, you might not even notice the moist area in your yard. If the leak is indoors, you could notice a moist area on a wall or a small puddle on the floor. As the leak grows, you will eventually notice that your water pressure is decreasing, and that there are puddles of water near the leaking pipe. You might also notice that your water bill is increasing for no apparent reason. All of these are good reasons to call Metroplex Leak and Line Locators at 214-388-4525 to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and repair estimate.

What To Do When You Discover Or Suspect A Mainline Leak

While water is a critical to our well-being, it is can also cause a great deal of damage. When you think that you might have a leaking main water line, a fast call to Metroplex Leak and Line Locators is your best solution. A licensed plumber will come to your home to access the condition of your water line and provide you with an estimate for any repairs that are needed. In addition, that plumber will be prepared to begin the repairs immediately upon your acceptance of the written estimate. However, we do offer you the option to seek additional estimates if you would like to compare our rates to other plumbers in the Mesquite area.

Why Go With Metroplex Leak and Line Locators

With 30 years of experience in Mesquite, TX and the surrounding communities, we offer our customers a guarantee that our work will be flawless and so will the clean-up after our work is completed. Each plumber brings cleaning supplies to every appointment to ensure that we show your home the respect it deserves. Our fair prices have made us a community favorite and a trusted contractor. And our prompt service, use of the latest technology and professionalism ensure that your plumbing issues will be corrected quickly and always to our customer’s satisfaction. Contact Metroplex Leak and Line Locators today 214-388-4525 to schedule an inspection of your water main line before a small leak turns into a major issue and a major expense due to  water damage in your home.