15 Apr. 20

How The Coronavirus Is Creating Serious Plumbing Issues Across The Country

The Coronavirus has changed many aspects of our daily lives from the way that we clean to the products that we are purchasing and, in some cases, hoarding. Just the thought of being unable to buy cleaning and hygiene products has the country stocking up on toilet paper, moist wipes, and disinfectant wipes at a record pace. And while that creates a problem in the supply chain, it is also wreaking havoc on our nation’s sewer lines.

What Is Flushable?

Most homeowners are aware of toilet paper’s unique quality of getting the job done, but then disintegrating very rapidly once it hits the sewer system. But sadly, most other household paper products do not break down in the same manner. Even the cheapest paper towels that don’t survive wiping up a tiny spill are not designed to be flushed. And while they do break down a bit, it is not enough to prevent them from clogging sewer lines and creating massive backups of sewage and contaminants.

But The Package Says Flushable!

Questionable marketing ploys are also at the root of many of the current sewer line issues across the country. Seeing the word flushable on a package of moist wipes would lead most people to think that the product is safe to flush. However, that is not always the case. These wet wipes will disappear down a toilet, but they do not break down in the same manner as regular toilet paper. Instead, they begin to clump and create clog issues. The only moist wipes that are truly safe to flush are the ones that are clearly labeled as biodegradable. And the hitch here is that these thicker wipes require more time to break down completely. So using them sparingly is the best approach.

What To Do When You Have A Clogged Sewer Line

In this stressful time of social distancing and quarantines, no one needs the added trouble caused by a sewer line backup. But there is also a concern about allowing anyone into your home who could be infected. Fortunately, residents of , know that they can trust the professional and ultra-careful team from Metroplex Leak & Line. Our crews are taking extra precautions to avoid all of the contamination issues associated with Covid 19. So as soon as you notice a slow clearing drain or toilet, call (214) 388-4525 to schedule a professional drain cleaning.

Why You Should Only Trust A Professional

During this challenging time, you might be tempted to try and take matters into your own hands rather than calling in the pros to clear a nasty drain clog. But you need to know that chemical drain cleaners are not a solution. And in fact, they are likely to make the problem even worse. These caustic chemicals create heat and toxic chemical fumes while producing no reliable results. The heat and strong acid in the liquid can easily damage or destroy your homes drain pipes. And the fumes can lead to respiratory issues for you and your loved ones, which can cause you to be more susceptible to the Coronavirus. Instead, pick up the phone and call Metroplex Leak & Line to have your drains cleaned thoroughly and safely.

How Professional Drain Cleaning Works

When our team of pros arrives at your home, the only thing that we use to clean your home’s drain pipes is pure water. The secret is that we also use a unique piece of equipment that creates a very high-pressure water jet that cleans every inch of your drain pipes. This water blasts away stubborn clogs and the sticky residue that is lining your drains. With all of the scum removed, waste and liquid will flow undisturbed through your pipes and into the city sewer main, eliminating the potential for annoying clogs.

You have enough to worry about as you focus on your family’s safety and health. And the last thing that you need to be thinking about is a sewer line clog. The best way to avoid any issue with your sewer line is to avoid flushing anything but toilet paper and the occasional biodegradable wipe. However, if you do experience a clog or backup, know that as always, Metroplex Leak & Line is here for you 24/7.