22 Apr. 20

Important Tips To Know When There Is No Toilet Paper At The Store

While no one can really explain the toilet paper shortage, the reason is not really that important at the moment. What homeowners need to know is how their households can function without this necessary staple. And while some paper products can do the same job, it is essential to understand that these items are NOT flushable.

Stores across the country have been out of TP for weeks now. That means that many people have resorted to using paper towels, napkins, tissues, and even baby wipes to get the job done. And plumbers across the country are hoping that none of those items were flushed. But they know otherwise because of the significant increase in calls for emergency clog removal and drain cleaning service. So if you are making do with no toilet paper during your extended stay at home, there are a few things that you should know to save yourself a considerable expense.

Not All Wipes A Flushable

Most consumers think that any moist wipe that is purchased from the toilet paper aisle at the store is fine to use and flush. But that is far from true. A flushable wipe will be clearly labeled as safe for septic and sewer systems. Any other wipe will not break down and will result in a serious clog in your home’s sewer line or even the city sewer line. The California State Water Resource Control Board has reported that wipes and other non-flushable paper products have resulted in numerous clogs. And are interfering with sewage collection and treatment throughout the state.

Alternate Options

When there is no toilet paper to buy, you clearly need to select something else. But you also need to be prepared to correctly dispose of that product after use. And unless you are willing to risk a sewage backup in your home, flushing is not an option. Some people have turned to the old style diaper pail to collect used wipes. Others are using a small trashcan with a liner or trash bag and a secure lid. Still, others are committed to taking each item to the dumpster or outside trashcan tied in a plastic grocery bag. The point is that there are many options other than flushing.

What If It Is Too Late

If you have been without TP and did not know that the other paper products would be an issue for your sewer pipes, there is still hope for your pipes. But the solution is not something that you can take care of yourself. Don’t compound your problems by dumping a jug of drain cleaner down a sink. The harsh chemicals and acid in those solutions often melt or eat away the drain pipes but do very little to remove stubborn clogs.

The safe and reliable solution to a clogged sewer or drain pipe is a professional drain cleaning for the pros at Metroplex Leak & Line. Our team has been cleaning drains in for over 30 years. And we have thousands of satisfied customers who continue to use our services. The main reason that they love our professional drain cleaning is that we use only high-pressure water to remove clogs and clean all of the residue from the inside of the drain and sewer pipes.

We Are Practicing Social Distancing And More

Due to the current pandemic, it is understandable that you are concerned about calling a plumber or anyone to your home. We want all of our customers to know that we are following all of the guidelines and precautions to eliminate the possibility of any contamination or virus spread when we are at your home.

Our crews are wearing added protective gear, cleaning and disinfecting tools and equipment after each use, and keeping the suggested 6’ distance from others. We are also closely monitoring the health of each of our team members to reduce the potential for issues.

Even with all of the added stress of Covid-19, don’t let a slow clearing drain in your home go unaddressed. The only thing that will accomplish is creating a huge mess when your sewer line causes a backup in your home. Instead, call the plumbers you can trust at (214) 388-4525 and know that we will have your plumbing concerns eliminated quickly.