06 Jan. 21

The Value Of Regular Camera Inspections Of Your Homes Plumbing

Most homeowners never think about all of the potential issues that can occur thanks to old or damaged plumbing lines in the home. But as soon as there is a leak, loss of water pressure, or a clog, the images of massive water damage and huge repair bills flood their minds. What makes it hard to focus on these potential issues is that they are all concealed inside your home’s walls, floors, and ceilings. And until there are indications of a problem, we all assume that water will flow out of a faucet when we turn it on and then down the drain with no issues or concerns. But as the plumbing components in your home age, they can develop problems. And locating these issues when they are just beginning is the best way to avoid some very costly repairs.

Preventative Maintenance

You take your car in for regular maintenance and service, have the air conditioner services in the spring and the furnace in the fall because you want to know they will continue to function. But have you ever thought about service for your home’s water and drain lines? You certainly want to continue running water in your home and the drain lines to carry it away. But rarely do homeowners invest the time and small amount of money in having these essential pipes inspected. Some don’t even know that all full-service plumbing companies offer the process or service.

How The Inspection Is Done

Initially, you might have concerns about the inspection process. How will a plumber see the concealed pipes in my home, and is this just a scam to bill me for a few hours of labor? And we are here to explain the process and assure you that these are legitimate services provided by licensed plumbers across the country.

The secret to a successful and non-destructive plumbing inspection is a tiny waterproof camera that is deployed into your home’s plumbing and drain lines. This camera transmits real-time images to your plumber’s monitor. These HD images are the best way to locate any cracks, clogs, or excessive wear inside both the water lines and drain lines of your home.

Using the camera’s images and location, a highly-skilled plumber can locate issues before they become massive problems. Repairs can be made before the water damage occurs and generally with just a small access hole when located inside a wall, floor, or ceiling.

The Benefits Of Camera Inspections

The most significant benefit for homeowners is the financial savings. Finding a small problem means that the cost of the repair is likely to be minimal. And there will be no water damage to repair or only a tiny amount. If undetected by a camera inspection, you would only discover the problem once it flooded your home and caused significant water damage.

Homeowners also love that a camera inspection is a much faster process than the old method of searching for leaks and clogs. Yes, it reduces labor costs for the repair, but it also reduces the time you are stuck at home while your plumber searches for the leak or clog.

Finally, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your home is free of leaks, clogs, and other potentially costly issues. There is never a good time to discover a water leak or clogged drain. But it seems like they always occur when you are in a hurry to get to work, have an important engagement, or need to get errands completed. With an annual plumbing inspection, you will not need to worry about the inconvenience of a plumbing catastrophe.

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