06 Jan. 21

Tips From A Pro To Help Locate Potentially Costly Water Leaks

When you see a puddle of water under your kitchen sink or on the floor, you can be relatively sure that you have a water leak in your home. But not all water leaks are as easy to locate. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks that plumbers have used for years to determine if there is reason to begin a search for a water leak in a customer’s home. And sharing these bits of information is an excellent way to let customers know when it is time to call in a professional plumber to avoid a costly plumbing repair and expensive water damage restoration project.

The Water Meter Test

The most reliable way to know that you have a water leak in your  home is by doing a simple water meter test. It will tell you with 100% certainty if there is a leak inside your home. The first step is to shut off all of the water faucets and showers in your home. You want to be sure that no water is being used by appliances as well. With all of the water and water-consuming devices off, your home’s piping should be holding pressure. And when you look at your water meter, it should be static. That means that a digital meter is not increasing, and a standard meter with the small red triangle should not be moving. This indicates that all the piping in your home is sealed and there are no leaks. If there is water moving through the meter, you have a leak somewhere.

In most cases, the water leak is inside your home. But if you have pool plumbing or an irrigation system, the leak could be outside the house. Once you have determined that there is a leak, you can take the next step to determine its location. With all the water inside the house still turned off, shut any valves that supply water to the outside of your home. This could be water running to a remote building, a swimming pool, or irrigation. If the water meter continues to show water flow, the leak is inside your home. If the water movement stops, the leak is outside. Knowing the leak’s location, you can call your favorite plumber and schedule an appointment for the appropriate repair.

A Leak Inside Your Home

It is never a good idea to ignore a water leak anywhere inside your home. There is always the potential for severe water damage and the growth of mildew and toxic black mold. So as soon as you discover that there is a water leak, call in the pros to avoid some very costly issues. However, if you need to determine if the leak requires an emergency service call on a holiday, weekend, or at night, you need to know where the leak is located and its severity.

As you begin your search for an elusive hidden water leak, you will need to look for more than just a noticeable puddle of water. Signs of hidden leaks include:

  • Peeling wallpaper or paint
  • Bubbled drywall
  • Warped or water damaged wood flooring
  • Peeling or bulging linoleum flooring
  • Discoloration on walls, ceilings, or floors
  • The odor of mold or mildew in an otherwise dry area of your home
  • Moist areas around the outside of your home’s foundation
  • Washed out soil along the edge of your home’s foundation

Knowing that you have water leaking somewhere inside your home is very upsetting. And unfortunately, the only way to correct most of these hidden water leaks is with a call to (214) 388-4525. A Metroplex Leak & Line licensed plumber will arrive promptly, be able to locate the leak quickly, and provide you with cost-effective repair options. Never assume that a small leak is not a severe problem, as it is sure to grow and become very expensive.