15 Feb. 20

Understanding Why Your Water Smells Bad And How To Correct The Issue

Living in the United States, we take our clean, clear water for granted. You just walk to the faucet and turn it on, and out comes pure water that is healthy and safe to drink. But you could be surprised to learn that is not guaranteed. You could begin to notice that your water now has a bad smell, and it might even have a bad taste that you are not used to. And while this is upsetting and can cause alarm, homeowners should know what these odd smells mean and how to fix them. In most cases, the issue is not life-threatening, but it should be addressed to return your water to the clear and refreshing liquid that you expect from your home’s faucets.

A Metallic Smell

In some areas of the country, the water has a higher content of minerals, which can cause a metallic odor. If you are new to one of these areas, it could take some time to get used to the smell of the water and the taste. If you have lived in the same home but suddenly smell or taste metal when you drink water, then the issue could be related to your plumbing. Minerals and metallic particles can build up inside older plumbing pipes and appliances such as your water heater. A call to the pros at Metroplex Leak & Line is the best way to learn the cause of this new metallic taste. Flushing your water heater could solve the problem. Or it could be time to replace the water heater or repipe your home to ensure the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

A Nasty Sewage Smell

No one wants to have water that smells like it is rotting. But that can happen when your water pipes become contaminated by algae, fungi, or bacteria. These contaminants create a musty, moldy, or foul smell and often are accompanied by a bad taste. But the most significant concern is that your water could now be compromising your health. A call to (214) 388-4525 is the best way to deal with nasty smelling or tasting water. A Metroplex Leak & Line professional plumber will determine what is contaminated and provide you with options to solve the problem. In some cases, a chlorination shock treatment is all that it takes to disinfect your plumbing system, and get your water back to smelling and tasting fine again.

A Sulfur Smell

If you have ever smelled rotten eggs, then you are familiar with the smell of sulfur. It is not a pleasant smell and certainly not what you want your water to smell like. But more important than the nasty smell is the cause of this odor. In most cases, the smell is due to bacterial contamination, which can damage your plumbing pipes and cause an allergic reaction in some people. Most everyday household cleaners and water softeners do not remove or kill these bacteria. However, there are water treatments and filtration units that do remove the bacteria from your water supply.

A Fuel Smell

You might never imagine that your water could smell like gasoline, but it can happen. And when this does occur, you have a severe problem. This odor is more common in rural areas, agricultural communities, and regions where a well is the water source. The causes of this smell and even foul taste include a leak in an underground fuel storage tank, a discharge from a factory or landfill, or agricultural runoff. In all of these cases, harmful fuel is being introduced into the soil and contaminating the local water supply or well. If you notice a fuel type smell to your water, from a city source or a well, it is imperative that you contact your local health department immediately. Prolonged use of this water could lead to serious health issues, including cancer and damage to the liver and kidneys.

When you notice an odd smell from your water, never ignore this vital sign. These smells are indications that there is a problem with your water that could lead to serious health concerns if it is not corrected. A single call to (214) 388-4525 is the best way to know that you will have reliable answers to your questions and a list of solutions from the licensed plumbers at Metroplex Leak & Line very quickly. Never risk your health or the health of your loved ones. Call us for same-day emergency service. And know that we will help you correct the issue and return your water to the safe and trusted resource you have always used in your home.