02 Mar. 20

What Does Your Water Smell Like – And Should You Be Worried

Most of us never think about the water that we drink, cook with or bathe in until there is a problem. And then, it is easy to become very confused and worried about why this usually colorless and odorless liquid now has a bad or odd odor. This first piece of critical information is that water should not have an odor. And if there is an odor to your water, then something is wrong. And while it might not be immediately life-threatening, it is something that you need to address. And have corrected to protect yourself and the long term health of your loved ones. Because the simple fact is that any odor coming from your water is due to some type of contamination.

A Metallic Smell

There are a vast number of mineral deposits around the world that can leach into water sources over time. But in these natural instances, the mineral content is very minimal and is not hazardous. It is actually such a small amount that you cannot smell or taste it. But in the case of water that smells like metal, the contamination is usually attributed to metallic particles that are coming from your plumbing system. It could be the walls of your old pipes or the walls of your water heater. And in some rare cases, it is due to lead contamination of the water supply. But regardless of the cause, it is essential that you not overlook this issue. Calling in a professional to check your plumbing and test the quality of your water is the only way to correct the problem and know that your water is safe to consume.

Stinky Water

If you get a whiff of your water and think of sewage or your trashcan, then the issue is most likely to be a bacterial contaminant. Dirty old plumbing pipes and fixtures can harbor mold, mildew, and other bacteria just like you would find in a dirty tub or shower. The solution for this filth in your water is to disinfect your water system with a chlorination treatment. It will kill all of the unwanted nastiness in your plumbing pipes and fixtures.

Another Stinky Culprit

Most people also find the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur very offensive. If you are getting a hint of rotten eggs from your water, then it probably contains bacteria that feed on sulfur-rich organic matter. And while this bacteria is not considered a serious health hazard, the smell that it creates is one that you will want to rid your water of. A plumbing system cleaning or even a water filtration system can eliminate these nasty bacteria from your water.

Too Much Chlorine

While chlorine is needed in municipal water supplies to kill harmful bacteria, too much can create a noticeable odor. And while unusually high concentrations can create long-lasting side effects and be damaging to your skin. A short-term spike in the level is usually nothing to worry about. For long-term issues, a water filtration system is a great way to purify your home’s water.

The Odor Of Gasoline

Any time you notice even a hint of a gasoline-like smell to your water, a call to professionals is warranted. You need to call to schedule a water sample test and also contact your local health department for a complete investigation into the matter. The most common causes of this contamination are a leak from an underground fuel storage facility, discharge from a local factory or landfill, or agricultural runoff. But all of these have the potential to poison your water, which could result in health issues such as cancer or liver and kidney damage. Never ignore the smell of fuel coming from your water. It is an indication of a severe problem that needs to be corrected immediately.

All of us assume that our water is and will always be colorless and odorless. But when you discover an odd smell or taste to your water, you should take this as a sign of trouble. A call to the pros at Metroplex Leak & Line is always the best place to start when determining why your water smells bad. Just call (214) 388-4525 and know that we will provide you with the answers you need about your water.