23 Jul. 20

Tips For Preventative Drain Care From The Metroplex Leak & Line Pros

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t think about drain clogs and preventing them until it is too late. However, once they have stressed out over the thought of dirty water flooding their home and expensive water damage repairs, the idea of preventing future drain clogs becomes very important. So for all of those homeowners who never want to face another clogged drain or the lucky ones who have yet to face this challenge and never want to, here are a few pointers from the licensed plumbing pros at Metroplex Leak & Line.

  • BE CAREFUL – This sounds too simple to be of value, but being careful about what goes down your drains is essential to eliminating nasty drain clogs. Your home’s sink, tub, and shower drains are only designed to handle water and the small debris that is washed from your body when bathing. Don’t wash strands of hair, pieces of dental floss, the remains of a Band-Aid, and pieces of plastic wrap down the drain. All of these items need to be placed in the garbage to avoid the beginning of a drain clog. Installing a small mesh screen in each sink and tub will make it very easy to stop all foreign objects from washing into your drain pipes.
  • BE SMART – Realize that the garbage disposal in your kitchen sink is not a magic piece of equipment that will grind up anything that you can manage to cram into it. Your garbage disposal is only meant to grind up tiny pieces of food debris that were inadvertently washed off dishes or cookware. Running even small bits of ground-up food waste down your sink drain is sure to increase the likelihood of a drain clog. It will also contribute to the foul smell emanating from your drain.
  • PAY ATTENTION – If you notice that one of your sinks, a tub or shower is clearing more slowly than usual, don’t ignore this critical warning sign. Call in the pros from Metroplex Leak & Line for a professional drain cleaning. This call is the only way to eliminate all of the debris that is causing your drains to clear more slowly. If left uncleaned, you can be sure that you will be facing a clog and drain backup very soon.

Just like every system in your home, a little care and maintenance go a long way. Your drains handle some nasty water and debris. So it is not unexpected that they develop some residue that will begin to produce a less than desirable odor. To break down that grime and rid your drains of any foul smell, regularly pour about two cups of white vinegar down your drains. Wait ten minutes for the vinegar to do its job and then flush with very hot water. This process acts as a light cleaning between professional drain cleanings.

Professional Drain Cleaning

To avoid ever having to deal with another drain clog in your home, schedule a professional drain cleaning every six months. The process is fast and effective at eliminating debris from your drains and removing all of the sticky residue that is coating the inside of the pipes. This cleaning method is the only process that can and does guarantee that you will not be bothered by a drain clog.

How Professional Drain Cleaning Works

Unlike the caustic chemical drain cleaners that you buy at a big box store, a professional drain cleaning uses nothing but pure high-pressure water to blast away clogs and residue. There are no chemicals that could damage or destroy your pipes and create toxic fumes in your home. And the machine that we use for the cleaning process allows us to clean every inch of every drain pipe in your home, not just some areas.

We are so sure that our cleaning process is effective and safe, that we include a no-clog guarantee on each drain cleaning we perform. That means we promise that you will not have any more drain clog issues for the next six months. And if you do discover a typical clog in that time, we will remove it for free.

The secret to never having another drain clog is really all about proper care and cleaning of your drains. And when you call (214) 388-4525 and set up a regular drain cleaning routine, you are guaranteed clog-free pipes in your home. We offer appointments in the evening and on the weekends, so you don’t need to miss work or any family activities. Just let us know what time works for you, and a Metroplex Leak & Line professional will arrive promptly to get the job done.