01 Apr. 20

Coronavirus Is To Blame For More Than Just A Toilet Paper Shortage

There is not a person in the country who is not well aware of the “shortage” of toilet paper due to the current pandemic. And when homeowners can’t lay their hands on TP, they begin to search for suitable substitutes. In many cases, these items include baby wipes, paper towels, tissues, and even disinfectant wipes. And while they might solve your immediate need, they are creating a severe issue in city sewer systems across the country. At a time when cleaning products and disinfectants are in limited supply or even impossible to find in some areas, no one wants to be dealing with the contamination of a sewage flood in their home.

Why Is Flushing Paper Such A Big Deal?

We all know that toilet paper all but disintegrates moments after it comes in contact with moisture. And believe it or not, that is a good thing. Because it is water-soluble, it begins to break down even before it gets through your sewer line and into the city main. This means no nasty clogs in your home’s sewer line and none in the city sewer mains. But when no one has toilet paper and begins flushing a variety of other paper products, the issues appear very quickly.

From California to New Jersey, and everywhere in between, municipalities are reporting a massive spike in the number of sewer line clogs that they are dealing with over the past few weeks. And while that is hard for the limited staff to deal with, there is another, more pressing concern for many homeowners. Residential plumbers such as Metroplex Leak & Line are reporting an equally significant increase in the number of residential sewer line clogs.

What About Flushable Wipes?

The term flushable can be misleading. Sure, the wipe can and does make it out of the toilet bowl and into your home’s drain pipe. But unless the label states that the wipe is biodegradable, it is not going to begin to disintegrate like a piece of toilet paper. Instead, it is going to drift down the pipe in a large wad and become stuck to the residue that lines most drain pipes. This is when your trouble begins. And as you flush more of the misleading wipes, your issues only get worse. And at some point, the pipe is blocked, and wastewater and sewage begin to back up into your home.

A Miracle, Or Disaster, In A Jug

With all of the concerns about social distancing and the spread of the Coronavirus, it is understandable that you are worried about calling a plumber. Instead, you opt to grab a bottle of drain cleaner and handle the issue on your own. But what you don’t know is that the chemicals in drain cleaner are mostly toxic acids. And once they are poured down your drain, they too get stuck in the drainpipe right at the location of the clog. And in most cases, these chemicals will eat through your drain pipe before they manage to dissolve the clog of paper and wipes. So now you have a clog and a leaking sewer line to deal with.

The Simple And Safe Solution

During a challenging time like we are currently experiencing, it is essential to know who you can trust. And in , the go-to plumbers for professional drain cleaning are the pros at Metroplex Leak & Line. For over 30 years, the community has been relying on our integrity and professionalism to solve all of their plumbing issues, including clogged sewer lines. Just call (214) 388-4525 at the first sign of a problem and know that we will get the job done quickly, carefully, and cost-effectively. And we achieve all of this without using a single chemical or additive. Our Hydro-Jet equipment uses pure water at very high pressure to remove all of the clogs and residue from the inside of your sewer line.

Homeowners have enough to worry about these days with homeschooling, working remotely, cleaning and disinfecting, and trying to keep a positive outlook. The last thing that you need to have added to your list of concerns is a sewer line clog. So at the first sign of a problem, call the pros at (214) 388-4525.