02 May. 19

Signs of Sewer Line Issues At Your Mesquite, TX Home

Sewer lines are definitely one of many things that homeowners can take for granted until there is an issue. These pipes are underground and carry the black and grey water from your home to the city sewer system. And as everything does, sewer lines are subject to wear out as well as being damaged. When this happens, homeowners need a plumbing repair service that they can trust to get the repairs made quickly and correctly. For 30 years, the residents of the Mesquite, TX have been relying on Metroplex Leak and Line Locators to bail them out when any plumbing issues arise. A call to 214-388-4525 will connect you to our customer service representative who can assist you in scheduling a repair technician.

How To Spot A Sewer Line Issue Outside Your Home

If you notice an unusually wet area in your yard, it is often due to some type of water leak. But if the grass in that wet area is also much greener and taller than the rest of the yard, then there is likely to be a sewer line leak in the area. Part of what is being carried in the sewer line is human waste, which also happens to be a very good fertilizer. As a result, the grass will look much lusher and grow very rapidly. In addition, you might notice that there is a foul smell in that same area. If the moist area is not in the grass, the only indication that it is a sewer line leak will be the odor and possibly some discoloration.

Signs Of A Sewer Line Leak In Your Home

The most obvious sign of any sewer issues is sewage backing up in your basement or at the lowest drain in your home. This is often in a utility sink or a shower on the lowest level of your home. Not only will you see the solid waste that has come from the sewer line but you will also notice the foul smell. The bad smell can also be a hint as to the issues even if there only appears to be water backing up in your home.

A less noticeable sign that you have a sewer line issue is when your sinks and showers begin to drain more slowly. If you notice a slow draining sink, tub or shower, check other drains to determine if they are also slow draining. A single slow drain is most often due to a clog, but if all the drains are clearing more slowly, then it is likely a leak or issue in the sewer line. And even though plumbing issues are never good, a slow drain is better than sewage backing up in your house.

Dealing With Slow Drains And Sewer Line Leaks

When you have determined that all of the drains in your house are clearing more slowly, it is time to call Metroplex Leak and Line Locators at 214-388-4525. A technician from Metroplex will be able to examine your sewer lines, using an inspection camera, to determine where the leak is and how best to repair it. This proactive step can save you a great deal of time and money. Addressing the leak before the sewer line backs up will save you the expense of cleaning up the sewage in your home as well as replacing any items that are damaged and beyond cleaning. And if you had no warning before finding sewage back up, Metroplex is still the first call you should make. Once our technician located the broken sewer line, you will get a written estimate on the total cost to make the repair. Also, if there are multiple ways to correct the issue, our technician will explain them to you and help you decide how you would like to proceed with the repairs. At Metroplex Leak and Line Locators, our commitment is to provide our customers with quality repairs at a fair price. Call 214-388-4525 to schedule an appointment today.